If you are going to scam – at least try

At my work we are looking to hire some CG talent. I just got approached by a person called Rafael Emidio (rafaelemidio@gmail.com). Quick glance at his provided portfolio link on dropbox looked promising. Nice range, ….wait, what??? That is work done by my buddy Brandon Riza!, heyyy… lets do an image search for the sliced car. Well the sliced car is a Maxwell render promo image done by a studio in Amsterdam. Turns out that most work can be traced to other artists.

Quick search for ‘Rafael Emidio fraud’ digs out this twitter discussion:

Linked in has several Rafael’s so its unfortunate if someone who is not a scammer gets tainted by this. Please feel free to contact me if you feel that you are getting unfair attention. Its bit muddy as Rafael Emidio seems to be a 3d generalist, producer VFX house owner and what not. Do your checks (image search by image is quite priceless these days) before doing any kind of business with Rafael. As usual if someone has top quality work but hard to find online presence be skeptical. This is not as rare as one might assume.

Below is a screengrab from the dropbox page. There are two FX clips by blur – the Dante’s Inferno one and the bear in fire.  The car on top row is by studio in Amsterdam. the illustration on the right by http://www.luminestudio.com/

Animated emoticon like face is by Ross Philips. http://www.studioaka.co.uk/People/rossphillips

link to the drop box page:


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