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Best video game (of 1994) Tie Fighter

This is totally unrelated to anything. I loved the Tie Fighter simulator of the 90s and played it through a few times. In 2005 or so I bought a re-release cd from amazon. Well that didn’t work as it complained “This software needs windows95 – please update your operating system” – or something along those lines. I tried to get it running again a few years back with no luck.

About a month ago tried an Apache flight sim and got an itch to play tie fighter again. This time I found all I needed to get the game work in win xp64 – I think same tricks will do it for win7.

you need:

1) a joystick (it will not run without one)
2) a 32bit installer – the installer on the win95 release of the tie fighter games bonks on new systems. download it here:
Thank you Markus!
3) Not sure if necessary – compatibility patch from: http://lucasfiles.com/?s=&action=category&id=52

more info:

I think these tricks also work for the tie vs x-wing.

Oh – and it is not easy. 20 minutes to the mission and you tailgate the ship you blow up and boom it can all be over with no warnings.


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