One more nomination for Prey 2 – VES award

Prey 2 seems to be getting nominations on all fronts – well about as many as a video game trailer can. This time its Visual Effects Society’s VES awards. Big news! Congratulations to everyone involved, Dave Wilson, Greg Kegel, Hubert Daniel, David Nibbelin and all the other super stars.

Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Commercial or Video Game Trailer

Audi A6 Avant – Hummingbird
Tom Bussell
Hugo Guerra
Rahel Makonnen
Jorge Montiel

Coca-Cola Siege
Russell Dodgson
Simon French
Diarmid Harrison-Murray
Sarah Hiddlestone

Diablo III: The Black Soulstone
Nicholas S. Carpenter
Graham Cunningham
Chris Thunig
Taka Yasuda

Prey 2
Heikki Anttila
Brandon Riza
Al Shier
Dave Wilson

Sony: 2 Worlds
Melanie Larue
David Liu
Richard Morton

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