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Patrol Mars / Studio Torq Oy

  • 3 / 2020 – present, Creative director, currently solo developer
    Developing an indie VR flight game on Unreal Engine 4,

  • Autumn 2021 – Concept designer for the opening sequence for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 
    I had an opportunity to work for Blur Studio on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film. My task was to build an animated concept version of the chain reaction sequence at the opening of the film.
    Starting from Blur’s & the film team’s ideas – some of which were 2d storyboarded – I built a space with camera motion, rough 3D models & animation – and of course a lot more more gags. This all in a tight collaboration with the Blur team. 
    The opening on YouTube
  • Winter 2021-2022, freelance work for Distillery FX, Vancouver Canada.
    I helped create on screen review tools for virtual production sets using Unreal Engine 4.
    I also worked on virtual production assets for a (postponed) feature film. Virtual set refers to the process where real time CG is used when filming on a virtual stage – basically CG background is played on a giant led screen behind a physical movie set. 
    I built rough spacial layouts for exterior sets and worked on building a high resolution set for an interior space. 

Ubisoft RedLynx

  • 8 / 2016 – 2/2020, Art Director
    Worked as an art director on an unannounced console and PC video game tittle. Also helped on Trials Rising including designing and 3D modeling 3 post launch add-on “fun bikes”. I had fun with them. 

Stealth Mode Startup – Armada Interactive

  • 7 / 2015 – 4 / 2016

Studio Torq Oy

  • 7 / 2012 – 2016, Freelance artist
    As a freelance artist I have been working on a range of projects. Assignments have included technical animations and rigs, props and environmental assets, pre-visualization environments, a crowd sourcing promo video, poster work for mobile games etc.
    In my freelance work I have had the opportunity to participate on several top game trailers/cinematics such as Elder Scrolls, The Division, Dishonored 2, League of Legends. Below are listed some of the work from my freelance work:


    • Technical animation and environmental assets for Samsung VR TV-Spot
      Technical animation and modeling for Dishonored 2 trailer
      Environmental hi-res and previz assets for a stereoscopic 3D theme park ride
      Environmental hi-res and previz assets for Elder Scrolls Online cinematic trailer
      Vehicle and weapons for Bioshock Infinite cinematic trailer
      Environmental prop for Halo 4 TV-commercial

Blur Studio (Venice CA, USA)

  • 2007-2012 CG Supervisor, 2002-2007  3D Artist
    I worked for 9 years in California at Blur Studio. During those years I gained broad experience in working on numerous pre-rendered video game cinematics and trailers, TV-commercials and short films.


    • Highlights included the following:
      CG Supervisor on Force Unleashed TV-Spots (“Snow”, “walls”)
      CG Supervisor on Far Cry 3 trailer ‘Stranded’
      Co-CG Supervisor on Halo Wars cut scenes
      CG Supervisor on Prey 2 trailer for E3 2011
      CG Supervisor on FOX NFL and College football broadcast package. (the new robot)
    • More extensive list of projects I have worked on:
      Far Cry 3 trailer ‘Stranded’, 2012, CG Supervisor
      FOX NFL and College football broadcast package, 2011, CG supervisor
      Prey 2 trailer for E3 2011, CG supervisor
      EA/Visceral upcoming title (game cancelled), CG supervisor
      Force Unleashed TV-Spots (“Snow”, “walls”), CG Supervisor
      Force Unleashed E3 2010 trailer – Lighting and compositing lead, Character modeling
      Fable 3 Cinematic, Environment modeling
      Batman Arkham 2, VGA launch teaser, CG supervisor
      Bioshock 2 – intro, Environment modeling
      Terminator Salvation (VG) – Cinematic Trailer
      Star Wars, the old Republic E3 2009
      Halo Wars, Co-CG supervisor
      Empire Earth 3
      Transformers – the game
      Halowars – (2006 teaser)
      Company of Heroes
      Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War
      X-men Legends 2
      Marvel Ultimate Alliance
      The Matrix: Path of Neo
      Area 51
    • Shortfilms:
      Rockfish (Academy Award shortlisted)
      Gopher Broke (Academy Award nominated)


Visual Effects Society nomination for Prey 2
Annie Award nomination for Prey 2
Graduation project of the year, Lahti Institute of Design (2002)
Assembly ’02, Animation comp 1st prize

Specialties and skills

Look development, team management,
Hard surface and environment modeling, vehicular rigs
Texturing, Lighting, Compositing
Minor FX and secondary animation


Bachelor of Arts from Lahti Polytechnic, Institute of Design. Graduation project of the year (2002).


English (fluent written and spoken)
Finnish (native)

Farming, indoor rowing, olympic weightlifting (does not materialize in results but I do it), motorcycles


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