Misc works 2012-2015

I moved back to Finland in 2012 and started a freelance operation under the name Studio Torq Oy. Below are some collected pieces from past years.


Tire test track drone

A personal project that was stretched to a pitch.


The Division, weapon models

Blur did a very cool timelapse trailer for The Division (Youtube link). I created 3d models, shaders etc. for the weapons in the trailer. (they got re-used in a more recent release trailer I believe). You can barely see them in the trailer but I had fun. I think there were 4 weapons and a sentry gun.


Dishonored 2 – Animated room

I did technical animation and modeling for a room that needs to transform into another grand room. Blur gave me the start and end points and my task was come up with the transformation. It was left for me to decide and design the mechanisms, gadgetry and movement that makes it all happen. All animation, rigging and exposed/extra tech modeling was done by me. I really like this kind of one off challenges.

Animation preview:

And final trailer in youtube (the transformation starts around 1:25)


Samsung mobile VR spot

I did 3d modeling of the Avengers’ lab – the room and the gadgetry in it. I also did tehcnical animation for the suiting up of Messi’s Ironman suit. Timing was already fixed and being so quick made achieving readability and rhythm tricky. Also animating on top of existing movement and skinned meshes posed its own challenges. Very cool to have a small part in a spot with such superstars in it.
the spot:


Models for BioShock Infinite

I modeled and textured some assets for the Bioshock infinite trailer. The zeppelin was especially fun as the brief was just a loose bag of reference and I got to put it together into the final design.


Other models

Models for some other projects. Trebuchet for Elder Scrolls trailer and space elements for a prospective ride film.


Pre viz work

In past years I have also created layout environments for two of the Elder Scrolls trailers and one ride film (see below). I have done this also in projects I have supervised – such as Prey 2. Despite the fact that you are working without the final fidelity and quality I really enjoy these. The chance of being an architect to the set early on is quite fun and allows great creative freedom, you get to make a great impact to the final project in these early stages. Also working with previz assets is very fast so the work is much more interactive compared to some other phases in a big production. On the example below I created all the assets and designed them on the go – naturally in collaboration with the Blur team. Camera wizard David Nibbelin is behind the actual camera ride. He is responsible for the editing and camera work for countless Blur cinematics. David’s merits go all the way back to the Dawn of War, a Warhammer 40K piece Blur did in 2004. He did his magic on majority of the projects I worked on at Blur.


Plantui – Indoor garden gadget for crowd funding campaign

Something quite different. I visualized a prototype for a larger Plantui unit (plantui.com).