Oldie (but Goldie)

Here is a collection of some of the older work. It is quite a mixed bunch from broad time range (2003 – 2007). For some pieces time has been more favorable than others. Works here might not be chosen as the greatest but for having a special nostalgic value to me. Timelines are a bit mixed too though it generally is going from old to new. I try to note the year to give perspective. I have skipped quite a few projects where my role was less than substantial.

Cheers to all the people who were involved in projects that created this mixed bunch of content.

Rockfish 2003

Almost my very 1st project at Blur. I got thrown right into the fire and ended up lighting a pile of a shots but also modeled/textured the main characters outfit and numerous props.


Warhammer 40K – Dawn of War 2004
Such on epic piece! Still love it. Not only do I think its one of the coolest cinematics I have ever worked on but the way we did it was insane too. The actual production took 3 weeks and I think the pre-production started one week before that. I modeled and textured the ‘marine’ versions and did scene and lighting work for number of shots – such as the ones below.


Area 51 2004
Another 2004 – it was a big project for us. I got to model a helicopter and other vehicles (some of which are too crude to be shown here…).


Punisher 2004
Again I got to do several vehicles and other fun props. The same colt has survived several tech upgrades and has appeared in numerous later Blur productions. Also my ‘meant to be temp’ -voice over made to the final game. “Put your hands in the air and don’t do anything stupid!”


X-men legends
Aircraft is always fun to work on. Another model that survived to several later cinematics.


Company of Heroes 2005
The game was published the following year. Myself and Dave Wilson lit the whole piece (the opening mine shot might have been the exception). I also did environment work such as the bunkers and all of the water. The water was rather challenging with the available tools – It was simple meshes with just modifiers deforming mashes and all ‘translucency’ and most of the refraction were mapped tricks.



The Outfit 2005
Game was released in 2006 but I think we did the work in 2005. Wasn’t too much involved in the project besides modeling/texturing the tank and exceptionally also rigging it. Below is also “for fun” animation test I did much later to play with the same rig.




Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2006
Blur did 5 or so cut scenes for the game. I was a lead on one segments but also got to model and texture the Ultronbot. Somehow always stood to me as something cool for the time.


Transformers the Game 2007
This one was a cool one but got burried by the release of the actual movie. Puny cinematic has no chance in direct comparison to blockbuster scale effects. On top of teh typical modeling and lighting duties I did base shared work for all the models (we started from the models from ILM) but more importantly I got to rig and animate the tank and its transformation to Brawl!