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Halo world lives on in Legos

I worked as CG-Supervisor on Halowars game cinematics 2007-2008. Halo’s rich and cool sci-fi unviverse alone made for a cool project. On top of that we had somewhat rare opportunity to work on such a broad project (over 26 minutes of cutscenes) and over long period of time, that the interaction with the developers ended up much more deep and fruitful than in short gigs where often the game is already practically done.

One part that Blur team got to influence was the UNSC Spirit of Fire (CFV-88) – space ship. How often does one get to be part of a design of a starship? Hugo Martin did initial concepts and after a few revisions he came up with a great solid design that I then realized in 3d. Its been some years now but still remember the process being fun and rewarding and something I am still very proud off.

Now, a few years later I was stunned to find out that there is a person creating substantial sized Lego ship of Spirit of Fire. Well not exactly – he is doing the imagined (as if the original was real) sister ship – Eye of Chaos.
Happens the person is called Mark Kelso and he is doing an amazing job, check for yourself:


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